A new season… yet again


 I have been away from blogging for some time now. The school year affected my body greatly and left little energy for anything else. Which had left me to a new decision yet again, “What to do next?”

 Even in some of our hardest decisions in life we can look and see snipits of joy as an outcome. I can honestly say that resigning from my current job was a heartbreaker for me. I absolutely loved working daily with preschool children. Seeing their smiles, being there for their oowies and mom missing moments and seeing the lightbulb of learning click again and again as they discover and learn each day.

I must say that even as I loved the children I had a considerably difficult time making it in each day as virus after virus would attack my body. Leaving me hurting each day from the fibromyalgia that loved to rare it’s ugly head more when virus’s were active. 17 virus’s this year and three doctors visits to confirm, “yes, you have a virus again, you work in a preschool. ”

I am working at letting the frustration and anger with my body and it’s limits to turn into a moment of joy that will let me stop and breathe. I will choose to enjoy different things in life, such as slowing down and writing, looking for a part time work or nanny position with just one  family, photography, and exploring my city. I will not stop and say I am done just because one part of my life was too much. I am choosing to live, choosing to have joy and choosing to be blessed in this changing moment.

I am heading to a new destination and can already see some good things that come with the change.

Change is not always fun, change often can hurt as we are pulled in new directions. But there can be joy if we stop and take a breath and look.

I am looking at the joy in being home, getting the house in order, and the amazing words of encouragement of a job well done this year. I am blessed to hear I had an impact even though my time was so much shorter than my desire.

I am not boasting when I say that the atmosphere had changed as the year progressed becoming more and more joyful each day. The children’s smiles grew and their joy in their day grew continually. I know that I had some impact in that.

I was asked this year when I first started working at the Montessori School, ” Shaey, why do you always smile at me?”

In which I replied, ” because when I smile at you , you start to smile, and then together we spread joy.”

So this is my challange today. Despite your changing world, or maybe your pain, smile. Smile big and smile with your heart and know you have put a smile that will spread to others in action.


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