Time to make that call!!

One of the phone companies tag lines has been “reach out and touch someone.”

When I am in my darkest hardest days, I am reminded to reach out and touch God. If I am in the depths of despair it is likely I have not spent time with Him recently. I do not believe that God is to be our 911 call. Only reaching out when we are in a crisis. I am to be reaching out to Him constantly to avoid the crises mode of allowing the enemy to steal my joy.

BUT He does instruct us to call to Him. He wants to hear from us daily. He wants that connection. He wants us to reach out and touch Him, personally, not through someone else, but one on one.

We are called to be in unity with the Lord. To be in fellowship. This is the way we were designed and when we miss that opportunity there is a void in our spirit. We are to praise God in ALL things.

However, sometimes with my constant praise and constant acceptance of things as they are, I forget to CALL out to my God in new ways. Declaring HAVE YOUR WAY LORD, DO YOUR BEST!

I am reminded in this reflection that the word does not say call out to the brethren, call out  to the pastor, call out to your best friend…. The word says CALL TO ME.

So many times we rush ahead and declare our needs to everyone else, out of fear, or looking for sympathy or even absorbed in self pity that we  neglect to remember that we need to call to HIM.

God will show us great and mighty things. God has a plan and a purpose for us. God already knows the outcome. We just need to call to Him and say; “YES LORD”

I for one am looking forward to seeing Great and Mighty things according to GOD. I am positive, His ways are MUCH better than anything I can dream up!

Challenge this day my friend : Reach out and touch Him. Call to Him. Take that time to say, Hello God. 

Jeremiah 33:3-

‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’

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