In position and ready

I was contemplating the mission of Batman. Whenever he was needed there was a flashing bat in the sky, he would be ready and be in position to do his work.

Or firemen, when they are needed there is an alarm that rings loud and clear and they know it is time to be in position and do their work.

I want to be so  in tune to the spirit of God that I KNOW when and where I am needed. Just like a flashing sign or an alarm ringing I want the presence to be so strong and to hear His voice so clearly that I take charge, confidently knowing that the direction I am heading is exactly where He wants me.

I want to walk daily in my life to be in a position of being ready to do all that He has for me to do. This means to be praying, reading His word and continually wiling to go. As well as walking in a life of obedience. Obedience in even the smallest things, leads to victory when the bigger battles come.

A fireman is disciplined, they are conditioned, they are trained, and they are ready to do what needs to get done. They listen to the directions of their teaching, they are obedient to their captain, as they develop in their skills and do the position they are designed for and trained in, as they grow and develop,  they are given more and more responsibilities. They are dealing with life and death and must be in tuned to the work ahead.

I want to be life-giving, I desire a fullness of Joy in all things and there is such a reward to have a life FULL of life rather than one of depression and despair. Things do not have to be perfect to be blessed, I just need to be in position.

The enemy will throw things at me, in position, I know who I am and I have the victory over those battles. My JOY stays constant, the battle is won.

To have the fullness of all God has planned for us my husband and I can not be running around scattered and undisciplined. It is time to be aware, press on and press forward.

Challenge this day my friend: Share your hearts cry with the Lord. Pray and seek His direction on where and what He has planned for your life. THEN Go forward and press on into VICTORY!

Psalm 27:11:

Teach me your way OH LORD; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors

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