Teenite: Holy Spirit















The event:  Teenite, is a chance to build one another up outside of school and remember who we are in Christ. A time to reflect on the gifts He has given us and how to be better equipped for the work HE has for us to do.

Object lesson: The teens had a bubblegum blowing contest. I encouraged them to pay special attention to the effort of blowing air into the bubble.


In Hebrew and Greek the word Spirit has the same word as breath or air, which I did not know until researching a way to link the object lesson into our message. As I was praying and researching I learned that there was a reason the Lord put bubble blowing in my heart that night 🙂

A piece of gum is just a piece of gum. It is tasty and serves its purpose as gum but there is still the fact that you can do MORE with it. You can blow bubbles!

This is how the Christian life is to me. You can be a Christian and you can love the Lord but you can be even more than that if you allow the Holy Spirit to take ACTION in your life.

So just as you were breathing into the bubble, this is an example how the Holy Spirit fills and breaths life into you. The bubble you were blowing was not going to take its shape or form or be a bubble without the air you were breathing in, directing it’s purpose.

This is how the Holy Spirit works in us, as in , we are given our help and direction from the Holy Spirit. He is our comfort and our guide to the things that God has before us to become. We must take time to allow the Holy Spirit to form us and guide us.

The only way the Holy Spirit can be ‘active’ in our life is if we allow him. Just like that bubble would not blow itself without force of the air and action, you can not expect the  Holy Spirit to move in you if you are not taking action to obey, hear and listen to what the Spirit says to you.

Challenge this day my friend:

There is so much more available to you as a Christian. Take the time to let the Holy Spirit breathe in you and direct your steps.

Acts 1:8-

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

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