Stronger Than Ever

 A while back I was at a potluck with a church. I am a quiet sort when in a crowded room so I was sitting back and just enjoying the people and chatter around me. There was a fairly tall man with his young adopted son on his shoulders. He was walking all through the room and connecting rooms with his smiling son perched high and proud.

Each time the man would walk through a doorway, his young son would bend waaaaaaaay down lowering his head  at times even lower than his fathers. The boys head was no where near the top of the door jam but sitting so tall on his father’s shoulders he felt like a giant. 

He smiled so broadly as he was moved around the room and he would periodically look down and see the top of His fathers head and beam even more. The sons young hands were wrapped around his daddy’s neck.

The image of the boy bending way down in the door jamb has stayed with me for some time. In reflection I can’t help thinking of myself being carried in this life by my heavenly father. When I take the moment to look and remember that He is carrying me, that I am not going through trials alone I am reminded that I can get through anything.

He makes me even more prepared than I think I am. When I am walking with Him I can do all things He has for me. When the boy felt he was too tall to go through the door, the father knew he wasn’t.  The heavenly father knows all about us. What we are equipped with, what we can do and He desires to carry us through life, to be our support and our comfort.

There are days that I feel to week to carry myself through all I must do. It is then that I must remember to look at my Heavenly Father with love and surrender in my heart and allow Him to carry me.


Challenge this day my friend: In your trials, remember you have strength if you are a Child of God that surpasses all our human understanding. He can get you through, just allow him to carry you in those seasons that you need to rely on His strength.

Philippians 4:13-

I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.




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