God of wonder

You hear of the stories of people getting up and walking away from deaths door. There are stories in the bible that blind men had their eyes open and they could see, lame could walk and Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. You may even know someone personally that was healed from an incurable illness or miraculously the cancer was gone. But yet in your own life you may be missing that ‘wondrous’ moment. You may be waiting on the Lord to perform a miracle in your life.

I want to encourage you this day. We do have a wondrous God.  Stop and look at what He has done; He has created the heavens and earth. Every thing that needs breath is provided with oxygen, the mountains have been carved to perfection, the flowers bloom each and every time it is their season, there is food from the land to eat, and many more wondrous and amazing things His hand has touched. There are wonders to see, even if they seem insignificant, they are so important and they are before your eyes.

I do believe God can do all things, I do believe He has performed miracles and He is not yet done performing them. God is able! 

I won’t get into all the why’s that we may ask when we don’t see Him doing x, y and z. He is God and I am not, He knows the reasons and the why’s. We are called to praise and recognize How great and wonderful He is. To worship Him with the knowledge that He is full of wonder and able. 

The heart of awe, the heart to worship and praise, that focus creates a miracle and a wonder in itself.

Challenge this day my friend: Take your eyes off of what you haven’t seen and recognize what you have. There are many wonders daily before your very own eyes. Begin with this thought : “Today, there is air, that I breath.” He is good!  Rejoice that we serve a God of wonder!

Deuteronomy 10:21-

He is your praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.


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