Drinking and never going to stop!

I have just had this bubble in me lately. It springs up periodically throughout the day and I smile. My heart has a happy moment and I realize, that is the Spirit of God alive and bubbling forth in me. My fullness of joy is overflowing. Hope springs forth and new. The promise is true, His love and joy is fresh each and every morning.

He gives all the supply. We never run dry as we draw from the well of the living water. We may have our seasons, but when we remember to draw anew from the source, it is always there, fresh, pure and fully Him.

I have found my strength, my hope , my rejoicing, my healing fully in Him. I may not see each muscle moving without pain yet, but that will not dictate my measure of Joy. My Joy is full and complete and I am all He has called me to be.

I will lift my voice, I will write with my hands, I will declare what He has done. For HE has completed that work He began when I started my blog, writing for joy . He has been faithful to bless me with His fullness! I am overwhelmed. He truly never runs dry!

Challenge this day my friend: Stop running, stop focusing on your pain or circumstance and just take a deep drink from the living water of our Great God. He wants to be your source.

John 4:14 NIV

 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

2 Replies to “Drinking and never going to stop!”

  1. Hi Shaey,
    We’ve never met, but after 8 months or so, your blog remains set as one of my homepage tabs. I may not be online daily, but each time I do log in, I thank our living God for you, I do. For the Holy Spirit having led me to your blog, for showing me we ARE a family in Him, and others exist, I ask Him to continue this endeavor through you, to grant you strength for the way..and so much joy, no matter what! :> Thank you for continuing to post.
    Warm Wishes,


    1. I am so blessed to hear that you have been encouraged! I pray that my journey may not only bring joy in each of my mornings but to others as well.

      There was a season I second guessed sharing so much, but then, the full grasp of what He has truly done would be missed if I hadn’t bared so much of my heart.

      I always said, if my blog reaches one, than I accomplished what I set out to do. Thank you for your encouraging words and sharing your heart!

      Blessings always~


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