Sucky Socks

I have had this one on my heart for some time, I don’t know why I have waited, but there is something about timing and this is the time for me to reflect and get out of my comfort zone.

An opportunity is about to present itself to me, and I must step out even if everything (skills, money, health or time ) are not lined up.

I am the proverbial Princess and the Pea when it comes to sleeping at night. I am a very light sleeper and everything that could bother me does. Over the years, I have learned what needs to be in place for me to sleep well.

I must have earplugs, to block out snoring. I must wear pajamas, and they must cover every part of my skin snugly, leaving no gaps. I must have a pillow under my head, in front of me and behind me, and I must sleep on my side, most often the right. Lastly but probably most importantly, I must have socks on. Not any socks mind you, they need to be snug with no looseness about them at all. Any shifting or slipping and I wake up continually, all night long.

Some nights when I don’t sleep, I contribute it to the fact that all I could find was sucky socks.

I must make it a point that my non sucky socks are matched and ready for sleep.

This crazy sleep pattern has me reflecting on the fact that often, I am a kind of gal that waits for everything to be in perfect alignment before I go for it. While I believe there is preparation and perfect timing for all things, I realized that sometimes waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out when conditions are not ‘just so’. Waiting for perfect, leaves me missing out on the dream.

Sometimes, stepping out in faith, is stepping out of the comfort zone, stepping into the not completely prepared platform and attempting greatness, even when I can’t comprehend how it will come about.

Finances will tell me I can’t do Christmas for the kids, only having written 20 articles would have me believing I am not ready to step into longer assignments, waking up sore and achy would have me not following through on parties, church, school functions and family events. I must get out of the routine that everything has to be perfect. When I have gotten beyond what I perceive, I am extremely blessed every time!

I will take what I have, and where I am at and step out in faith. I will not let the sucky socks of my circumstances stand in my way!

Exodus 4:10-

Moses said to the LORD, “O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.”

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