Choose Joy

I began this blog, what now seems like a lifetime ago. I desired to reach out to others dealing with depression, pain, frustration and just the crappy side of living on this earth. But more than anything I wanted to obtain fullness of joy. I am not a doctor or a theologian. I am a woman, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a child of God that was struggling and began my journey, knowing God promises more.

I pursued  joy, because living in my situation and being depressed was not an option for me. It should not be an option for anyone. To stay in the depths of depression is to be defeated and we are not called to be people of defeat. I knew all the head knowledge, but had to start applying that knowledge and opening my heart to letting the transformation take place.

I can honestly say that my heart is full of joy, and when depression starts to rise up, it is no longer placed in my life for days, months or weeks at a time. It is a moment and dealt with swiftly. I will not go back to what I once was. I have been made new.

I am using this particular blog to sum up, the lessons and ways that pursuing joy, has met me where I was at and surpassed anything I could have expected. I am sure there are a million other lists and suggestions just like this, but this is my journey and I need to remember how I got to where I am. I need to remember to never return to that which I was.


There is much more I have blogged, and thought on, but these are the most relevant areas that I link to a fullness of joy taking root in my life.

I am aware I have my faults and I trust the Lord will keep revealing areas that need more work. I am never going to be finished, He is constantly speaking into my heart.

I am aware of the past and ready to leave the ‘junk’ in the past.

I am at the point of not being bound and held back by my limitations, trusting that God’s best is mine.
I have hope for my future.

I have found JOY.

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