“Are we done yet?”

Yesterday in the mall, I saw a tiny little girl probably in her early 2’s standing in the middle of the walkway, just staring. I stopped to make sure an adult was around and about ten feet away, facing her was her mother. I noticed the mother said, “let’s go”, with a firm but soft voice.
Then tears and screams began, and I could tell they  had been going through this session for a bit of time. The mother was standing there watching and waiting for her daughter.

I went into a coffee shop, and heard a man say, “Yes, the little one has been throwing this fit for some time. Mom is just calmly waiting for her to be done.”

I didn’t stick around to see the final outcome, but I could see from the determination on the mother’s face and the level of patience, that she was in for the long haul. What is amazing also, is the reaction of everyone around. We all knew this was a valuable lesson, she was teaching her daughter, and she had the patience to do it.

This mama would wait until her daughter was done. Her daughter would need to move forward, towards her mother, with her own two feet.

I got an image of God looking at me in just the same way. I am in the midst of my whining and temper throwing fit, and he calmly waits and says, “are we done yet?”

It isn’t until my eyes are removed from what I wanted or the situations around me, and my feet walk towards the Lord and His guided steps for my life, that I see freedom.

There is truly complete Joy, when I walk beside the Lord rather than fighting Him. I see a sweet fruit, that struggling, grumbling, complaining, kicking and screaming, just will not bring about.

God is so awesome and good enough to just wait, and quietly ask now and then, “are we done yet?”  And there is always that moment when I am exhausted from fighting the circumstances and myself and say, “Yes Lord! I am done. Hold me and show me. I will come with you instead of fighting you. I want the life you have for me!”

John 8:12-

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


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