You can’t make them

There is a cat stuck in the top of a tree on the neighbors property. I can see him. I could hear him cry and cry. He is at least 50 feet in the air. We called over and over, “here kitty kitty” to no avail. I looked up seven steps to get a cat out of the tree and because the tree is in a precarious location with now lower branches there was nothing physically we could do.
 We called and asked the fire department to help him, and they do not have the equipment. 

 We called animal control and they  said they had no equipment and repeated the famous words, ” a cat in a tree, will eventually come down on his own.”

It has been six days. This cat is not coming down. He is now laboring, no longer moving, no longer crying, but every now and then we see him twitch his tail.

My heart aches to see such suffering. 

It is this moment that I am reminded of the others in my life that know what they ought to do and do not do it. They chose to freeze, to hold still, maybe even unable to move on their own, but there is nothing I can do to make them.

I think it is vary important to obtain joy and one way to do so, is to realize we do not control, the choices or actions of others. Even though this poor creature would be better off falling to his death or safety, he will not attempt it. He just hangs in that tree, with no food or water for a week in 80 degree weather. 

I know so many in my life that were heading for their destruction and disaster. I could not stop them, nothing I could say could coax them. I would go insane if I held on to their turmoil and trouble as my heart so desperately wanted to do.

I had to say, “Lord, I did all I can. I can not make them. Please grant me peace.” 

And He does. 

We all have choices to make in this life. We all have the right to make them. I do not have to agree with the choices, often the choices that are of the populous are going to leave great judgment in our midst. But just as I can’t make them chose safety, joy, peace, strength, wisdom, comfort, neither can you. 

It is good to know when to let go. When to say, not in my power. Have a peace that you did all that you were able. It is completely up to them to make that leap of faith that will lead them to life. 



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