Go ahead, Cry!

The baby cries and cries. I hear her in the back of the church. Mother picks her up and begins to talk in her ear. Cradles her. The cries become softer and softer until all is quite. The baby is content in her mothers arms.

This reminds me how we are to cry out to the father in our time of need. Cry out to the Lord and call on Him. He is to carry us, comfort us, sooth our tears, provide and direct our steps.

Sometimes the heartache is still there, we still cry and he is not coming to our aid fast enough ( so we think) but just like a mother working to sooth her child, there is a work that is being done in our lives that we do not always see with our eyes.

The heavenly Father is all about caring for His children. He is at work of making sure the plan for our life is perfected. We just call out and say not my will but yours be done! We call to Him and rest in His arms.

Go ahead and cry; it is okay. Cry out to the Father and say, please hear me. He is enough. He will listen. He will tend to our wounds, set forth great plans and do all for our best. Even if we do not know what it is He is doing, trust that He is taking care of His own.

4 Replies to “Go ahead, Cry!”

  1. Good post, Shaey. I almost always feel better after a good cry. It is a stress reliever and effective coping mechanism. I think men should cry more often. Your advice to cry out to God is something I should make a point of doing. It’s not always pleasant praying through tears, but it reassures me of God’s presence in my life.


    1. I agree completely. I must admit, I hate the tears when they come publicly though 😉 I don’t mind having my heart open and raw before the Lord but to expose my vulnerability to others can be a challenge. However, what a great testimony for them to see the Lord work in my life as I have cried out and He has been faithful to answer.

      Blessings to you!


      1. I agree, people may get the wrong impression when the tears come in public. I try to keep them for someone special; like my wife Megan or God 🙂


      2. That is when my hubby knows something is really deep. I usually am not an easy crier. He knows to pay attention then lol


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