Hello and Goodbye

So, I have had relationships in the past,where I give and give and give. All is fine in those relationships as long as I am giving of my time, my self, my energy. But when all of a sudden, I have a need or I am the one busy, or possibly  said something wrong, these friendships dissipate.

I have a feeling this is something many people battle with. Your dearly loved ones, grow apart, move away or are just too busy anymore. Possibly in some way you have offended them and they do not feel you are worth bringing their hurts to the table. It is just easier for them to move on and away, than address that you were human and somehow wronged them.

I am not writing this blog as a complaint. I am writing this blog because if you are hurting from these kinds of relationships dissolving, I want to encourage you that Jesus truly is enough. If someone is willing to walk away from you and you have tried to keep communication open, you have shown love and they just don’t care, let them be on their merry way. Make sure that you have done all you can do and then release.

Jesus is a friend that will never leave. If you feel let down, you can even tell him! You can take your cares and burdens to him. He is ever faithful to walk alongside you in this life. There is no reason to feel alone, or hold on to the hurt of being betrayed or forgotten.

It is difficult in our flesh to be used, hurt and left in the dust. But we do not have to build our joy around how others treat us and what we feel in the aftermath. People let us down, people are self consuming, but Jesus is giving, loving, and he is all we need in this difficult road called life. We can have his joy at all times, when we press in to him and let the pain of others pale in comparison to how great our God is!

Relationship and fellowship are important. We have gifts and personalities that we must be willing to share with others.

My first reaction when hurt this way, is to say, ” I am not doing it anymore! I do not need friends! I do not need to pour into others only to be stomped on! I am busy  too, I have a life too, I make new connections too! so pbst* (inserted raspberry here) on them!

However, when the people hurt us, we do not need to shut the rest of the world out. Boldly open our arms wider and say, I will be your friend, for as long as you are here.

Because the last hurts did not control me, I have developed wonderful new, meaningful friendships. Will these people let me down, of course they are human. But I will be around as long as they want me too!

If we let him be enough when we are hurt, have our needs stomped on, or are the ones left in the dust of a friendship; we can obtain our joy in all things. HE is all we truly need.


2 Replies to “Hello and Goodbye”

  1. Shaey, I think this is a very relevant post to the people in our culture. We have people going around hurting from and carrying something negative somebody said to them 20+ years ago. Those people need to cast their cares upon the Lord and trust Him to tell us they are in Him. I guarantee that Jesus values us way more than any other person even can.
    Sometimes it is hard to keep on reaching out to takers; that is to say, people who take and never give back. They are, in life coaching terms, energy-drainers. There is only so much we can do for someone before they pass out of our lives. William Penn gives an insightful quote in this regard: “I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.” Thanks for post, Shaey, and have a wonderful day.



  2. Thank you for the insightful response. Good thoughts to think upon. I love that song…. “I am a friend of God”


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