My son found his voice


When the depression was at it’s peak in our household, I had thought only I was being affected. This is how depression works, you are completely inside yourself and can’t drudge yourself up to notice what is going on around you. As I realized I had been depressed and sought after joy, my eyes began to see that my son was struggling as well.

Shortly before his victory over depression, my son wrote two songs. One describing the way his heart had grown “numbed”, as his depression resulted in bullying and being torn down and the other he wrote was called ‘relief‘, as he was giving up the pain to the only one that could truly remove it.

God uses the seasons of pain in our life to bring about good fruit, joy and peace to others, if only we use the tools He placed within us. We do not have to remain in the darkness, but allow that moment to be used for the Glory of God!

He has given His children all they need to reach into the lonely and hurting areas of our lives and into the lives of others as well. There is hope for the future. He does know the plans that He has made for us. Plans to prosper us.

It is a matter of surrender and asking ‘Take away the pain!

These songs are available to purchase, but they are also free to listen.  So listen to “numbed” and how he examined his hurt and then listen to “relief” and how he was freed from the burden of his pain! Just click the links to give a listen and be encouraged this day my friends!

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