Open Door

I realized recently how important it was for me to be active outside of the house on a regular basis. I had filled in for a sale at a friend’s place of business, the fibromyalgia pain in the beginning was mind numbing. But by the end of the week, I noticed I felt stronger, more energetic, and enjoyed the customer service opportunity immensely. Then the sale was over, and I was left sitting in the house again. Over time, I get in a slumpy mode and my physical energy lags even more. I know I could not work full-time, but wanted to find the right fit.

A few days after I told my husband I wanted to find part time work, with the right hours to homeschool my son, I had driven by a place I wanted to apply at a year ago, that had not been hiring. I looked out the window at the business sign and sighed, my thought, ” I really wish they were hiring that day!”

I returned home, and looked up a few jobs online. The very business I had been sighing about was hiring. I took down my resume the next day and here I am now working! The job is physically challenging at the moment, while I retrain these muscles that I have not used in some time, but I get stronger each day. I am in an atmosphere I love, and have a boss that shares the same values!

Through this process, It has not escaped me how much the Father cares about the desires of our heart. I only had to voice my interest, and He covered every single detail. There may be times that we have to wait, when our season is not right. I had wanted this position a year ago, but the time was not right.

I am excited about this new adventure. I am excited to be supporting a small business within our community and to stretch my skills. But most of all, I am excited that God opens doors and even if one shuts, we can be assured, another will open.

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