Move for Improvement

Recently we had a family vacation/ road trip. Everywhere we went for our church time, the same message in a different twist was spoken and resonated in our hearts. There is a perfect season and timing. God has already planned out the path and we are never too old to complete the work that the Lord has for us to do. What we thought God would do In our life in our early 20’s may very well take place in our early 40’s and that is okay, that is God timing, not our own.

But one message that truly hit home was at a concert, you can’t get anywhere God has for you if you are not moving. This had me thinking, I must move, for improvement in my life.

So we started viewing everything in our lives with a new set of eyes. Is our ministry moving or growing stagnant? Is my job healthy for my body and growing my future or is it a pattern that will repeat itself with no where to go? Is my sons current homeschool plan working or is he losing more ground than gaining? New prospective on our steps and where are they taking us lead me on a path of discovery.

So I took the step and gave notice at my part time job. I knew we needed some extra income but wasn’t too concerned since my husband makes our living. However the very week that I gave notice because the job was not the best fit for me, I  was presented with an opportunity to apply for a job that very well could be a career path. You see, I was a stay at home mama for years and now that my boys are almost leaving the nest one by one, I wanted to find something I could do when I grew up that wasn’t taxing the fibromyalgia body to the limit !

The words I have been pondering came back to me, you must move for improvement. This full time job was not what I was expecting, I was not qualified and the prospect terrifies me. But I sent my resume and was hired in two days!!! I have a completely new journey ahead of me, that I am believing will be a great improvement in my life….and I would not see it happening if I had not taken movement.

It was so hard for me to close a door to a position I loved for so many reasons, it was also difficult for me as I feared loosing new relationships that I value, it tore me apart to know I was letting others down.  However, if I had not taken steps to leave, I would not have been in position to move forward.  I am curious to see where this path takes me.  Where He goes, I will go, where He leads  I will follow, for I know in His timing and with His direction, when I move it is for my improvement !!!

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