Just wait

There have been so many quick changes for me personally in the last year.

Recently the foster babies returned home and it was unexpected on our end. We knew they would return for sure, but thought they would be with us for a few more months.

I had left my job at the time, to be the best I could be at foster parenting. And while I very much enjoyed my time with them, I am not one that could foster parent full-time ( my heart is way too attached).

So now I am left with the question, what next?

I keep hearing, “just wait.” But wait for what?

I do know that the positions I had held this last year, all were a part of God’s design for my life, even though I hadn’t remained at them as long as I had thought I would.

I love to write, paint, photograph and sing, and while I have some gift in each, I am not amazing at any one of these things to make it my life goal. Should I take classes, should I enroll in school, should I look for a new job so that finances are not tight? Then again I hear, “just wait.”

My boys are all grown for the most part and I think what I am experiencing is the beginning stages of empty nester. I feel like I have the whole world ahead of me for my choosing, but in my heart of hearts I have only known how to be a stay at home mama and loved every bit of it.

So how do I grasp onto what is ahead for my future, and make sure I do not mourn what is to be left behind?

The scripture that keeps coming to me today is Jeremiah 29:11, specifically the part that says ” For I know the plans I have for you.”

He already knows the plan.

So how do I become familiar with the plan and not keep jumping from one prospect to the next?

By seeking Him first. Spending time in prayer and the word. He is always faithful to show me the next step. Why should this time be any different?

I will praise and worship my God, allowing the peace that surpasses all understanding to settle in my heart and when His still small voice changes from; ‘just wait’ to ‘GO’ ,I will hear Him loud and clear.

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