Knowing when to rest

One of the hardest things for me while balancing fibromyalgia, working full-time, church and my family, is how much is just flat-out tired and how much could be depression.

For years I have blogged, taken medication, exercised, worship & danced, painted and photographed away the ‘blues’. But in this season with work and medical changes, I am doing less and less of those things and see that there is less and less energy for the things that brought rest from stress.

I love my job, I find it very inspiring and joyful to work daily with my preschool kids. But I must find a good balance to manage everything. I have decided to take on even more with obeying the Lord’s call to carrying my friends baby/babies and I wonder, God really, can I do this?
This is when God spoke to me this morning and said, “no, you are not limited or depressed, you are tired. You must know when to stop and rest your body and lean on me for strength.”

If I am working full-time, there is not necessarily the energy to run all weekend every weekend and right now that is my reality. I have been running and pushing far too much for far too long.

Also during the week, I can not reach for the quick and easy bite on my lunch break going to the nearest fast food joint. This makes me ill and fibromyalgia flares. I must take time and plan out my meals, do the shopping in one stop and put together those meals, for a better week. I often fuel on coffee and skip the water, so bad for me. I can be consistent with supplements and then forget them for a season until I can’t go anymore because I am deficient in critical vitamins and minerals. I must make the effort to take care of me. Again, this takes time and energy but in the long run will give my body what it needs to encourage health.

When one battles with fibromyalgia, there comes a point when your pain becomes your normal. You just keep pushing through it, knowing the pain itself will not kill you. It isn’t until you keep pushing and can hardly move anymore, that you realize, oh no I did too much. It is a fine balance between living and recovering.

It is time to remember the instruction to REST. The Lord God almighty himself RESTED.
Why do I feel I must do it all. I must make the decision, work full-time which I love, or bring down my hours for more time to keep up with it all and pursue other interests.

In the meantime of pondering this decision. I say yes Lord, I will hear you and I will take the time to REST.

2 Replies to “Knowing when to rest”

  1. Hi. Found your blog on a weird google search. Anyway I have read all the way back, and I really enjoy all the religion in your writings. So I get the idea that you are a very religious lady, you almost claim “God like” – meaning you are very close to God. SO You Are Talking about ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION, I Gather, that’s what you are doing. BUT THAT IS NOT HOW GOD INTENDED FOR HUMAN LIFE. GOD has a plan for everyone, SO I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY YOU ARE DOING THIS. God intended love between a man and a woman in holy matrimony loving making love to each other and that love creates human life. You are going against God’s will. So you claim to be so religious but in all actuality you are going to sin big time. If the couple can’t have a child, that is God’s will. And ACCEPTANCE and lots of prayer comes into play. WOW I’VE NEVER SEEN A BIGGER HYPOCRITE! GOOD LUCK 🍀


    1. Sabrina, Thank you for your opinion. I find my stance and view on this topic different than yours but respect that you have a right to your own thoughts. Blessings


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