Spiritual authority… Say what?!

The Webster states – Authority:
1. The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.
“he had absolute authority over his subordinates”
Lately I have been so deflated! Not defeated mind  you, as my heart and mind I feel are walking in the fullness of Joy most of the time. but just flat-out deflated. A balloon that has had tiny little pin pricks poked at it and slowly with each assault has left it unable to maintain its bouncy excited self. Little by little, it loses it’s ability until it is laying down in the dirt, a pathetic soggy mess. Yep that is me lately, absolutely EXHAUSTED. I have been sick for months.  One illness or another from my preschool has hit me on top of chronic battles and  I am left not feeling very light and airy!
I start my week looking at all I want to do and immediately the doubts start coming in. I better start conserving my energy for the week. I better not do that or plan that because I don’t want to have to cancel. Even though there is wisdom in not doing too much, I already start off with a failure mindset.
I would wake up sore and sick, everything remaining the same. It was a pin prick, and I would ask the Lord, “GOD why is this season so hard?”
I was driving to work this week and there was a speaker on the radio that mentioned the word’s spiritual authority. I didn’t have time to listen to the message but the words hit me like cold water to the face. I have been in the church most of my life and have learned about our authority. But the word that stuck out to me was SPIRITUAL authority.
Matthew 16:15-19
Selah (let that sink in)
I have GIVEN you the Kingdom!
He said to me…Spiritual authority, say what?! What are you saying lately?  Who are you saying that I am?  WHAT are you doing lately? Why have you become so deflated in the midst of your battles? Where is your armor? (Ephesians 6:10-20)  I have GIVEN you the Kingdom!
I have become so distracted by trying to stay afloat, that I don’t practice keeping my spiritual man strengthened the same way I do when I am not working, or involved in so much. I mean; I pray, listen to worship music, read a verse a day. But actually PRESSING in, spending time letting the Holy Spirit minister to my soul, developing my spirit man into the warrior that He is, letting the gifting pour out of me and say I AM WELL, IT IS WELL, HE MAKES ME WELL!!! I have been rolling up in a ball overnight eating comfort food and watching television. I mean seriously that is NOT how I am going to strengthen my spirit man for the battle in front of me.
Keeping the struggles in their place, and letting God take up the throne in my life that is His, is the only way to victory. Sure things happen, sure my body struggled that day, BUT GOD, He makes me whole and He always always always, did I say always, ALWAYS meets me when I get off the ground and let Him pour into my soul.
It is SPIRITUAL my friends. The battle is in the spirit, not my mind, not my might but by His power of His spirit.
The sad thing is, I know over the years I have written on this very topic. All the pain, illnesses, stressors, still pick and poke at me and I get so blurred by it all that I get deflated and dragged down and have to learn this lesson ALL over again!  He tells me to rest and then I just get lazy! Flat out Lazy !
With each revelation and taking action with said revelation, He gives me an even stronger understanding of His spirit. The spirit of God operates and moves in me and then pours out on those around me. When I am in the battle, it effects more than just myself. I get so wrapped up in the me, I forget that I have a call, a purpose, a mission to spread my Jesus love to others and lift their heart in their sorrows.
My spirit has been made weak in my distraction leading to disobedience. Worship is my key, and I am asking the Lord, make me stronger and give me new songs, a new energy and zeal for this season!
I see it now, the soothing salve, covering every pin prick…. each hole sealed. The spirit of the Lord filling and filling. I will rise, I will conquer, I will STAND and…float again with His strength and assurances. I have authority over my mind and allowing these pin pricks to deflate me!!! He grants me the authority!

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