God is SO good. Years ago, in my deepest depression, I cut out so many friends in my life.

I could barely stay above water with my own families needs, and honestly as much as they would have brought greatness to the season, I just could not juggle friends, family and self. Also, it was a part of the suicidal process, to cut people off. I now recognize that and see it all for the lie that it was. Mind you this was YEARS ago! So family do not fear lol.

To be honest when I saw my fullness of Joy and God reached me in the depths, it was very embarrassing to reach out to those that I let fade behind when God fully restored me. I knew there were those that had been hurt by being distant.

BUT GOD! This year has been my year of restoration. God has brought about friendships that I had let lay dormant. My sweetest closest friends have reached out and we have began to make amazing memories again. I feel like a little child discovering her first BFF’s! I have those that have always been constant as they would not let me disappear in the background and yet I get to open new gifts!!!

God has a way of walking us through our seasons. He was the one that I leaned on and learned from. He was my only friend some days, and He taught me the meaning of LOVE.

He taught me how patient that He was with me and how patient others were with me, that He had set aside for ME. I am so blessed by the work He has done!!!

Use your seasons to let the Lord mold you and make you better for those you are to love on. Let Him use the quiet to speak to your heart and bring you new joys you never imagined. God will bring those back into your life if they are meant to be there. If you are seeking HIM first everything will be better than you ever imagined!!

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