Reunited and SO BLESSED


Awhile ago, a friend and I were going through rough seas at the same time. At the time I felt she no longer needed me around or wanted me around, I let go of the friendship.  Yet, she felt deserted by me and didn’t reach out because she felt I wasn’t there when she needed me the most. We were both hurt and felt forgotten and unloved. YET at the same time, neither one of us were feeling the way that the other ‘thought’ we were feeling.

We both let go of something so very dear to us, because of how we were feeling in the moment. We both know that emotions can get in the way of truth, yet while we were broken and tore down in other areas of our lives we had been left vulnerable to the enemy and his lies.

Today is a new day and I had seen this very dear friend for the first time in too long. I tell you something just clicked the minute we were together. A part of my soul that was empty was overflowing once again. Clearly there was a place in my life that only she could fill and I had missed her dearly.

I have learned so much in this season, and would not trade those lessons, as I feel I will be a better friend. However, I would remove her heartache she experienced if I could.
I thank the Lord for the way He has grown me. To love and connect is so important and I don’t open myself to very many. When there is that heart connect I need to fight to keep it strong.

There is a great value in those deep relationships as women age and lean on one another. I am a very blessed person in deed with deep meaningful relationships, and even with all the Lord has been doing, I never could forget that heart sister that was missing for a season. We have been reunited and I am so blessed. I will not take this lady for granted ever again. Sometimes you truly don’t know what you have until it is gone. Thankfully this was a season that she was gone but not lost forever.

So blessed by grace, mercy and love of a valuable sister 🙂

2 Replies to “Reunited and SO BLESSED”

  1. Amen!!! True friendships are so important amongst women. I am glad that you and your friend reunited. My best friend and I just came out of a rough patch as well. We are still working through the kinks but it feels good to talk to her again. God bless your friendship!!!


    1. Thank you! I am so glad to hear you are reconnecting yourself with your best friend. I pray for stronger bonds than ever before! Blessings to you.


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