You don’t know until you try!

21768280_10214176856040364_8280631768493054824_nThere was a picture I had seen on-line that I loved and wanted to try to paint. I have painted birds before, but this picture had birds in different directions and when I sat to draw them out I felt like it was too complicated and I would not be able to do it. I decided to give it my best shot as paint is so forgiving you can just start over again if need be.

I ended up loving the final picture of the birds. It was just what I wanted. Although the wire they are perched on is uneven and there are a few mistakes that make it not perfect, it still turned out in my eyes. I felt so excited as I saw that I stretched my comfort zone, and tried something I didn’t know how to do and  succeeded. Now would I have been disappointed and frustrated if I tried and tried and tried and kept getting failure as a result? Of course, that is how I felt with the very first bird I ever tried to paint. But if I hadn’t learned through that process, it would not have come so easily for me to try something new.

Now I am keeping my out for something else to paint that will stretch me a little more. I may try the birds again, to see if I can accomplish the painting twice in a row!

What things have you been wanting to try, but fear of failure holds you back?

How can you take new territory, if you don’t begin the steps?

Challenge my friend, try something new !


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