My reason for blogging today has evolved from yesteryear. I went from a season of the deepest depression to searching for joy, and finally a woman who has discovered what fullness of joy means in my life. I went from not knowing my worth, to a woman of value and purpose.

My heart’s cry is to encourage and edify others in this journey of life that we are all on. Even though our battles may be different we all face mountains.  I want to be with you cheering you on, standing in prayer, walking through the good, the best, the hard, and the hardest together. We will see those mountains move!

I am not a doctor, theologian, or an English major. Introverted to the core, I communicate best through writing. When the world around me is silent, it is then that my thoughts have time to unscramble themselves. I am an everyday gal with a heart to spread the seeds of life that the Lord has planted deep within my soul.

Find me at:
Facebook:  Time To Shine With Shaey Anthony
Youtube Channel: Time To Shine With Shaey Anthony
Instagram: Time To Shine With Shaey Anthony

One Reply to “About”

  1. Hi Shaey,
    This is not a public comment, not 1000% urgent.
    I am looking for a referral, and it just dawned on me,
    I’m pretty sure we live in the same state;
    perhaps you could point me in the direction I’m seeking. .
    Are you up for emailing me privately?..
    I will be sure not to take up too much of your time.

    Kind Regards,


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