Prayer… it is important


This week I have been moved greatly by the importance of prayer. I had decided to write on the very topic when I came across this picture on Facebook. I do not take any credit for this picture and saying whatsoever. I just desired to share the thought and the stirring in my spirit lately.

Prayer can change many things! It can change ones heart, the atmosphere, situations and bring miracles.

Often when I am on Facebook, I will see a friend’s status update requesting prayer, I will click like and say a quick something. But just the other day, I felt as if the Lord asked me, “did you really pray about that? Did you really petition ME?”
The truth of the matter is, many people may have been praying for that friend already. That friend’s miracle was mostly already in the works. Yet, I find that if I state, ” I will pray about that.” I truly need to mean it!

As I was reading a free Kindle book by Stormie O martin, I was directed to a prayer page that she had on her website. So I decided to check it out. The topic : To pray for others !

At this page, there are many prayer requests. I had to be aware that I could not possibly pray for them all. So I scrolled down and earnestly sought those needing agreement and prayer. I lifted their requests to the Lord, with the confidence that He heard me. I did not take this assignment lightly. If I clicked that I was praying, I sincerely prayed. There would be times my flesh would try to get distracted and move on, I would have to slow the pace and refocus.

The funny thing is, as I was praying for these individuals, I was being filled. I didn’t begin praying for others with selfish motivation, but as I prayed I noticed that He was meeting me. The spirit of God was stirring in me.  The Spirit was leading me to pray for these people, how to pray for them, and to truly care for their need. I was praying, faith was stirring in me. I knew that these prayers would be answered! It says in the word that He hears the prayers of the believer!!!! I believe, so therefore; He hears my prayers!

So I encourage you friend, study up on the power of prayer. And next time you see a request for prayer on Facebook, or someone asks you to pray, truly put some time in and do it. The rewards are great!

My faith was stirred. I began to see areas in my own life that I had been believing for come into fruition.

Here are some great verses to look up! Normally I would write them all out. For now I will let you do the research 🙂 Please share the favorites of your own !

Blessings in Him,

Shaey Writing for Joy

1 Timothy 2:1

Romans 8 :26

James 5:13

Matthew 6:10

2 chronicles 7:14

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